Lee Gilbert, Founder And Creator

Lee Gilbert has always had a passion for beauty and she turned her passion into a successful brand for Men.  What makes KENMEN products unique are the Natural ingredients, minerals and antioxidant compounds with Botanical Essentials and effective Bio-marine extracts.

KENMEN’S Professional Formulas are Made with Natural Ingredients using unique blends of Botanical extracts to help soften, soothe, calm and refresh your skin.

Time Line

1974-1976 Lee began her journey in the skincare and beauty industry with a certification in Esthetics & Cosmetology, Special Effects & Makeup Science.

1975-1999 Lee became a sought-after Makeup Artist for Major Film Productions working with the elite film companies, as well as recognizable and well-known industry artists.

After being on production shoots and sets for many years, Lee became aware that men, in particular, did not have the proper skincare designed for their skin.  Lee began working with specialized laboratories and chemists in R&D to create exclusive unique formulas that are made with natural ingredients to obtain result driven skincare formulations for men.  KENMEN products were then used on Major Film Productions and soon requested by many actors.

1994-2017 Lee also introduced her KENMEN brand to spas and luxury hotels educating and training skincare experts on the proper techniques and formulas for men.  Her sought-after formulations are now becoming available to consumers worldwide.

2018 KENMEN is introducing the best performing skincare formulas from the skincare experts to your home.